Instagram: the secrets of the most loved photos finally revealed!

Did you know ? There are many tricks to get likes on an Instagram photo. Here are the best tips to adopt!

A study has just revealed the characteristics that can play on the impact of an Instagram photo. We show you how to get a liked photo on the famous social network.

The race for likes on Instagram

Today, Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. Indeed, the platform has nearly 1.22 billion users across the globe.

Thousands of photos circulate on the application. It is therefore sometimes hard to stand out. However, the race for likes is more relevant than ever!

Indeed, many users want explode the counters of likes. To do this, they do not hesitate to use current trends or to use hashtags.

But beware ! just using these tricks is not enough to break into Instagram. In fact, the application includes a very precise algorithm. This determines the best publications to highlight. So, how to have more impact?

Published scientists a study to understand the workings of the platform. The latter analyzed a sample of 147,000 photos to understand the comment to have “likes”.

They discovered some tricks to apply to take good photos. Here is all the reflexes to adopt to put the odds on your side on Instagram!

The secrets of a successful photo

It’s not a secret : the quality of the photo plays a crucial role. Indeed, a well framed and clear shot will be more appreciated on the Web. That’s why you have to pay attention to a few details in your shots.

The researchers found that brightness is one of the first criteria to get likes. So think about taking pretty, bright photos to engage your audience.

Similarly, color is crucial on Instagram. Avoid photos with too much contrast and prefer simplicity. Nice colors will be more likely to win you likes. Easy right?

At last, symmetry also plays a role in the impact of a photo. Your shots must be well framed in length and width. So you know what you have to do!

Of course, these are just a few factors to be visible on Instagram. You must also use other tricks like hashtags to get likes.

Researchers admit that these tricks can still increase likes by 3-19%. Not bad is not it ? Like what, it is sometimes enough to adopt the right reflexes to have more impact!

You will have understood it, Instagram becomes a real tool to know to drill. The platform also represents a huge challenge for brands and agencies.

The race for likes is increasingly fierce on the application. So much so that this one thinks of remove likes for sanity dand its users.

Indeed, likes can sometimes be dangerous for the youngest. So be careful not to compare to others.

As we have just seen, the strategy of likes is based on many scientific factors. No need to worry if your photo does not work!

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