Instagram Reels come to Facebook

Facebook now welcomes Reels, these short videos that have been available for two years on Instagram. The service was tested for several months in the United States on iOS and Android, and it is now the rest of the world that can access it, indicates Meta, relayed by 01net. These short videos are now available in over 150 countries.

According to Meta, the Reels short video format is the fastest growing service. Moreover, the American company recalls that half of the time spent on Facebook and Instagram concerns the viewing of videos. By adding the Reels to Facebook, the Meta group puts TikTok in the crosshairs. The Chinese social network has become a benchmark for video sharing.

In-Reel Ads

Meta also intends to monetize this new service. Content creators can join a program allowing them to generate up to $35,000 in monthly revenue. It involves inserting advertisements into these short videos. This service currently only applies to the United States, Canada and Mexico. But by mid-March, content creators everywhere could take advantage of it.

Reels will be appearing in Facebook’s mobile app in different places. Short videos appear in Stories or at the top of News Feed. A tab has been specially dedicated to Reels. Suggestions will also appear directly in the News Feed.

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