Instagram: quickly comment on who saved your photos?

How to see who saved your posts on Instagram? We reveal the method to follow, without further delay!

On Instagram, your followers can save your messages to find them later. But how do you see who saves your photos? MCE TV reveals everything!

Saving photos to Instagram?

The social network must evolve and improve. Indeed, the Instagram app offers more and more tools to facilitate the experience of its subscribers.

The application that mainly focuses on sharing photos and videos is becoming more and more popular. By the way, Instagram followers haven’t finished discover new features.

Thus, in addition to liking and sharing posts from the social network, subscribers can also save the photos they like. It’s a novelty who changed our lives!

Indeed, it was much easier to find a post that we liked. In the same section, the app therefore allows its users to find all the messages they have recorded.

It is therefore no longer a question of going to the bottom of Instagram to find a photo that you liked. Just go to your profile, click on the 3 lines at the top right of your profile.

You will then have access to a menu where you can choose “Registered”. In this section, Instagram invites you to rediscover all the messages you have already saved.

These will be listed in chronological order. That is, according to the check-in date. If this feature changes our lives, well, we would also like to be able to see who is recording our posts! That’s what we check it out in this article!

Who saves my posts?

This recording feature of photos and posts is therefore very convenient for Instagram users. In fact, it saves us a lot of time.

But for some reason X or Y, we would like to be able to find out who saves our photos! Indeed, it can be interesting to see who likes your posts, to the point of saving them!

Whatever your reason, we will reveal the method to follow to access this information! But for that, know that you must first have a pro profile on Instagram. Without what, this information will not be accessible.

Thanks to your pro account, Instagram will therefore reveal valuable information about your account and your subscribers. Moreover, you can even have access to many more statistics on your account.

These statistics also allow you to better know your followers. Indeed, you will be able to see which region they are from. You can also have their age and sex. What can you help you adapt your content better!

To access this information, simply go to the “configuration” section of your Instagram account. If you don’t have a pro account yet, just go to the your account settings for the changer.

Once you have upgraded to a pro account, you will have access to all this valuable information on your account. Including who was recorded your posts and photos on the social network. It’s your turn !

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