Instagram: publish content in collaboration with your friends

Several months ago, Instagram lifted the lid on new features, like its new Collab mode, and other updates to its platform.

First tested in England and India, it is now known to the French public and accessible to all users of the platform. The only limit that we know is that of being able to identify a maximum of 2 people.

So what is Collab mode, what is it for and how do you take advantage of it? Find all the answers here.

What is Instagram Collab mode?

Collab, as the name suggests, is a way to work with another Instagram user on both posts and Reels.

Broadcast on the subscribers’ news feed, the identification of both accounts will be visible at the top of the content, and the number of likes and comments will be shared between the two. This is a good idea for creatives, influencers and regular users of the social network, for two reasons:

  1. Prevent the publication of the same as your collaborator
  2. You help increase your visibility and interaction

Comment post a Collab on Instagram

It’s pretty easy to post a Collab on Instagram, the process being similar to hurting someone else in one of your posts. To do this, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Create your post or your Reel via the icon + at the top right of your screen.
  • Once the option Share appeared, press Person identifier.
  • Select Invite a collaborator.
  • Find the Instagram account(s) you will eventually run with, then tap on it.
  • Go to Finished to register.
  • Finally, touch Share.

Once published, your collaborator will receive a notification to inform him and he will only have to accept or refuse the invitation.

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