Instagram is still the best social network for influencers?

TikTok is the social platform that is a hit with young people. But according to a new report, you should know that the social network Instagram remains essential for marketing campaigns. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

TikTok overshadows social networks

We don’t teach you, TikTok is the platform of the moment, which is considered the best of all time. Her success she owes to its very powerful algorithm. Journalist Jia Tolentino extolled the merits in the New Yorker in 2019:

“So the algorithm gives us what we want. And in return we give whatever he wants. As the circle narrows, we become less and less able to separate the tastes of the algorithm from our own.”

On TikTok, there are no ads. A positive point that attracts more and more Internet users. And it’s not just young people heading to the app anymorebut also entrepreneurs.

All have the ambition to develop their brand there because TikTok helps boost visibility. Influencers are very friendly with it. So much so that according to the Bloomberg study, 1 in 10 Europeans is ready to quit their job current in the next six months to make a career on TikTok as an influencer.

According to our colleagues from PresseCitron, more and more people have spent time there: “We note that 36% of them said they used the Chinese social network in 2020 compared to 45.7% in 2022. This growth should increase further to reach 55% in 2025.”

But then the question arises, is the Instagram network threatened? The answer is no ! We explain why below!

Instagram stays the course

According to the latest report published by HyperAuditor, Meta’s social network is not yet threatened by TikTok. According to studies, the total marketing market on Insta will therefore increase from 13.8 billion dollars in 2021 to 22.2 billion by 2025. Yes yes, you are not dreaming!

If Instagram still works so well, it’s because the companies there are a lot of time to develop advertisements... And it costs money!

And yet, influencers also find it very difficult to do without Instagram. It is here that they make their product placements, and develop their image.

And that’s not all ! Insta also offers many other advantages. According to HyperAuditor, an estimated 68% of marketers “provided Insta as a tool to increase the visibility of their business.”

These are figures that only assess the survey of the eMarketer company. The latter was therefore questioned by marketing managers.

And imagine that 72% of the people who answered the competent questions use Insta in 2022 and 84% in 2025... Against 45% and 55% for its rival TikTok.

Faced with competition, Instagram is only improving its operation. You have been able to discover great progress… Whether in stories or settings. The privacy policy is stricter, and the publishers are under surveillance to control the scourge of harassment.

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