Instagram is experimenting with a full-screen news feed, similar to TikTok’s

To compete with TikTok and YouTube, the app decided to focus on video as part of its 2022 strategy. After announcing that it would continue to value the Reels format and would like to encourage content sharing in vertical format , the social network is currently testing a new presentation of publications by grouping them into a single news feed.

Find all content in the same stream

According to mobile developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is currently testing a new full-screen display. This experimental feed requires users to find all the posts in their newsfeed:

  • The stories and the rides : A bar at the bottom of the screen indicated the presence of other slides. The social network also allows you to swipe left to view the following images.
  • Videos : A progress bar would show the progress of the video playback.

Switch from one content to another by swiping up

Users could thus find all the publications in the same feed. Full-screen display will only allow you to view one content at a time. You could easily switch from one post to another by swiping up like TikTok. Instagram may adapt the algorithm based on your reactions. Just like its main competitor, the social network would only recommend content for which you will be interested.

With this new test, Instagram therefore seems to be accelerating its development to streamline the display of posts on its platform. By testing a single stream that offers a more immersive and addictive experience, the platform wants to compete with TikTok.

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