Instagram: how to tag products in your posts on the network?

A new function will soon be available on Instagram. This will allow you to tag your products in your posts.

There are many unknown functions on Instagram. Among these, there is one that allows you to tag products in your messages on the social network. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Features galore on Instagram

Launched a few years ago, the application Instagram is today one of the social networks most popular with young people. And this, for the simple and good reason that the creation of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger allows them to let their creativity speak.

If you don’t really know how it works, it’s very simple. Just post photos, videos and other stories on his account to share his life with his followers.

In other words, if many artists share their works on Instagramothers use the platform as a diary.

And the least we can say is that it works wonderfully. To date, the app even has more than 1 billion active users worldwide.

But if the latter are numerous, it would seem that they are also many who do not know everything about Instagram. Indeed, the functions have been multiplying for years and the application continues to improve.

So, did you know that it was possible to delete all messages from his account in just one time ? Well yes ! And this, thanks to a very simple handling.

To do this, you must first access your account and once you are logged in, you just need to click on the “menu” button. This is located in the upper right corner of the application.

Once this is done, you will only have to press on “Your activity”. Then, go to “Photos and videos” then to “Posts”.

You will then have to select all the posts you want to remove. MCE TV tells you more about Instagram features!

Instagram: how to tag products in your posts on the network?

Tag products in your posts

Apart from this Instagram novelty, there is also a very effective way to tag them in your posts. Eh yes ! If you’re a savvy fashionista and your followers keep asking where you got your outfits, nothing could be simpler.

You will soon be able to directly identify the products you want to highlight. It is this Monday, April 18 that the creators of the application would have made the announcement of the upcoming arrival of this function.

It could not be easier. First you need to create a post. Once you have taken this first step, all you have to do is click on the arrow that is in the upper right corner of Instagram.

You will have to go to the legend and click on the “People ID” button. Thereafter, you will have to search for the brand, select it and then identify it.

Finally, last step. After identifying the brand, your screen should give you two options. Among these, there is one that says “People” and another that says “Products”. Select “Products”.

You can then add where yours comes from. A genius idea, isn’t it! Thank you Instagram.

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