Instagram: how to separate an image into several publications?

Instagram is a social network full of secrets. So, for all the curious, discover, comment on a post in several publications.

Instagram subscribers can’t say otherwise, we learn about the app every day. Moreover, for all those who wish to know more about the latter, discover how to split an image into multiple posts. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram offers new options

Everyone around the world knows Instagram. And it’s nothing to say. At the moment, they are more than 1.393 billion subscribers.

One thing is certain, Instagram is a real phenomenon among young people. But, if there are billions to use the app on a regular basis, the latter continues to add new options.

The goal is to improve the experience of its subscribers. To achieve this, Instagram does not hesitate to put its hand in its pocket to please its users.

Moreover, for several weeks, the social network consider improving their messaging options. And this, to the delight of its subscribers.

But that’s not all. In fact, those responsible for the application know how addictive Instagram can be. So, they decided to react to this phenomenon.

Thus, the managers of the social network released a “Take a break” option. And the least we can say is that the latter can be more than useful.

In fact, this novelty allows users to limit their time on the app. So, with this option, you will no longer have an excuse to spend your days and nights on the app.

That said, there are still tricks that some subscribers don’t know about. Yes, many wonder how to split an image into multiple posts. So, for all those who are wondering, MCE TV tells you more!

Instagram: how to separate a post into several publications?

How to split a post into several on the app?

No Instagram follower says otherwise. The social network still holds a lot of mystery. But, as always, the app ends up revealing its secrets to its followers.

Thus, for some time, the latter finally know, how to turn off their activity status of their account. One thing is certain, this trick has saved more than one subscriber.

But, questions about the persistent app keep coming. Moreover, many of them wonder how to split a post into several on instagram. Well know that it is very simple.

To start, you just need to download Grid Post. Once you are on the homepage of the app, you will be offered a variety of photo grids.

The grid selected by default is 3 x 3. To be able to create and publish an image in panoramic format, choose the 3 x 1 grid which is at the far right.

You can also split the image of your choice without having to make a template. To succeed, first click on “Create a grid” which is located at the very bottom of the app’s home page.

Then in the list of available options, choose the “Panoramic Crop” tool. Once done, select the image you want to split into several.

On the new page you will have to choose the number of images by asking you like to split it. When you have made your choice.

Save your photo, and it won’t just save it to your camera roll. After that, all you have to do is select your messages one after the other to have a nice effect in your feed.

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