Instagram: how to find your publications already liked?

After spending the day liking posts on Instagram, do you want to find a specific post? This article is made for you!

As Instagram continues to change, it’s important to always know how to properly handle the application. Besides, it’s not easy to find your already loved publications. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

The birth of Instagram

Instagram has been around for over 10 years now. In effect, the social network was born in october 2010. It is a creation of an American named Kevin Systrom and a Brazilian named Michel Mike Krieger.

Very quickly, their creation was therefore bought by the Meta group, the former Facebook, in 2012. Since then, the application has become a real social phenomenon. Basically, used to share photos, it has become an essential part of the daily lives of many influencers, but not only.

Indeed, Instagram attracts more than a billion people every day. Since January 2022, the social network has more than 1.22 billion active users in the world. Just that !

Since 2012, Instagram has been able to bring together a lot of people. Going so far as to make them addicted. Yes, if you look closely, this social network is present in every home.

Starting with those who love this social network since the beginning of its popularization. And for good reason, the Meta application landed after Twitter. Indeed, the blue bird arrived well before in 2006.

Instagram therefore offers young people the possibility of recounting their life in pictures and of exchanging with their favorite stars. Namely that a child of 13 years cannot have access to it.

Over the years, Instagram is starting to work more and more to Facebook. But how is this possible? For the simple and good reason that these social networks are owned by the same person.

It is indeed Mark Zuckerberg. The one to whom we owe all these hours. MCE TV tells you more!

The evolution of Instagram since its inception

Instagram logo design has evolved a lot since its launch in October 2010. In any case, there have been 15 different versions. But the most famous is still that of Kevin Systrom. Indeed, he and his team created the famous Polaroid.

Moreover, in 2016, this logo was dethroned by a brand new one that did not go into preview. And for good reason, it was even debated. Yes, Instagram’s 3rd and last logo caused controversy.

Because the logo changed while Instagram users liked the old one, the mythical Polaroid. This new logo in color gradient from purple to pink via orange is not well received. Despite everything, it remains the current logo that we all know.

Very minimalist, it is therefore far from the charm of the vintage logo that Instagrammers liked so well. Little anecdote, Instagram worked 9 months to create it. Yes, apparently it was not easy to agree on this new design so decried.

  • The creation of Reels to compete with TikTok

Faced with the success of TikTok videos, Instagram quickly released its Reels videos, during the summer of 2020. Namely, a TikTok video can last up to 3 mins and soon 10 mins. While on Instagram, Reels last 90 sec max.

  • Like an Instagram story

This new feature announced in February 2022 has finally been available on all accounts since the beginning of March 2022. This gives strength to content creators and above all toavoid sending an indirect PM to people you follow.

Indeed, before, we could only react with emojis. While there, one can just like the story without sending a shower of emojis. Nice, right?

How to get your hands on your already liked publications?

Who has never sought to find a liked post on instagram ? Well, MCE TV offers you to get your hands on all your history. Thus, you will have access to all your actions on the social network.

The process is simple! You still need to know how to get there. Indeed, because the 1st time it is not very easy, but as soon as you have done it, everything will go very quickly for the next time.

1st step, you have to open Instagram => click on your profile at the bottom right of the app => At the top right, press the three dashes => A list of options is displayed, so click on “Your activity” => Press on “Interactions”.

Once all these steps are done, it’s time to go to the 6th step by clicking on “Like” => Swipe until you land on the Instagram post you are looking for. And now, voila !

But it should still have been easier to have a “Like” tab on his Instagram profile, in hidden mode like on TikTok. Maybe this shortcut is already in the works. Case to follow!

Instagram: how to find your publications already liked? Instagram: how to find your publications already liked?

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