Instagram: how to delete suggestions on the social network?

The suggestions on Instagram do not speak to you or are poorly targeted? Here’s the trick to removing them from your feed!

Suggestions on Instagram are often practical. That said, the algorithm can sometimes be wrong and offer accounts that have nothing to do with our interests. Can you imagine thatit is possible to delete them. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Instagram always in top form

Since the arrival of TikTok on the market, other social networks have been forced to adapt. That said, Instagram stays the course and still remains among the most important platforms. Just that !

It is true that the app has changed the appearance of its feed, not long ago, for a rendering similar to TikTok. On the other hand, the social network has always kept its own soul. Which is not to displease the fans!

And for good reason, Instagram is still the best social network for influencers and brands. In fact, according to one study, 68% of marketers “referenced Insta as a tool to increase visibility of their business”.

In addition, many remain attached to this social network. So, in contrast, the app always tries to get up to date. Especially since the arrival of the Reels which are a hit.

On the other hand, if there are many positive points on Instagram, there are also less good ones. For example, suggestions that are sometimes poorly targeted. MCE TV tells you more!

The trick to removing suggestions

It is not uncommon on instagram to come across account proposals with “Suggestion for you” written just below. Depending on your subscriptions or your searches, the algorithm proposes accounts that might interest you. Thus, it sometimes happens that the people proposed are complete strangers. Ouch!

Although there is currently no way to remove this for good, it is possible to remove suggestions that do not interest you. Indeed, without this trick, the suggestion may reappear in your feed.

The trick may seem simple, but just click on the cross at the top left. Thus, the suggestion will not appear again. However, when one suggestion is deleted, another appears. Eh yes !

That said, there is a trick to remove Instagram private messaging suggestions for good. In reality, just clear the app cache. To do this, on iPhone, simply uninstall and reinstall the social network. It’s that simple !

On the other hand, on Android, it is a little different. It is possible to delete the cache without uninstalling the app. For that, you have to go in the settings then in “Storage”. Then, click on “Shared internal memory” then “Other applications”.

A page with a list of your apps should appear on your screen. Search for Instagram then click on “Clear cache”. A gift, suggestions are gone from your Instagram account.

There are many tips to improve your insta feedas on the fake followers on app. What will users find next time? To be continued !

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