Instagram: how to create a poll via a story for its subscribers?

Instagram is an application that is full of options of all kinds. But some subscribers are still asking for a comment to create a poll in story.

Here’s a tip that might appeal to more than one Instagram follower. Indeed, many of them are wondering how to carry out a survey in its history. For all who want to know, MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

The various options of Instagram

Instagram doesn’t even need to be introduced anymore. Indeed, the social network has no less than 1,393 billion subscribers worldwide. Just that !

But, more than 10 years after its release, the latter kept releasing new options. And this, to the delight of its users.

Indeed, recently, subscribers can customize app icon. Yes, in a few clicks you create a unique shortcut.

But that’s not all, within a few months, these last will soon be able to pin posts on top of their diet. In short, the American giant more or less copies its competitor TikTok.

So, if Instagram does everything to make its app as pleasant as possible, some subscribers continues to ask questions about options. In particular, on the subject of polls in stories.

So many are wondering the steps to follow to create the survey and add it to story. For anyone wondering, don’t panic.

You go see that it’s child’s play. With just a few clicks, you can create as many polls as you want.

So for those who want to know more, the rest is waiting for you. MCE TV tells you more!

Instagram: how to create a story poll for its subscribers?

How to create a history poll?

Instagram followers will have already noticed this. It’s not the tricks that are missing when it comes to Instagram.

Indeed, on the Internet, these can find anything they want for advice. Thanks to them, they can learn how to tag products to their posts.

Steps to create a survey

To get started, be sure to open the app first. Create a story by tapping your profile icon in the top left of the screen. Once it’s done, choose or take a photo that will serve as a support for the survey.

Display the add-ons menu publications using the “Stickers” icon. The latter is in the column in the center of the others.

Click on the “Poll” icon in the basic menu of Instagram. In this way, you can ask a question with two possible answers.

Select “Ask a question”, then enter your question or a short sentence on the subject of the survey. Afterwards it is quite possible to leave “Yes and No”. If you want, you can also customize.

For the poster, it’s business as usual. In fact, it suffices to publish it as a normal story. In a few simple clicks, you will be able to poll your subscribers on the subject of your time.

Moreover, for those who wish to have a complete summary of all the results, the procedure is simple. Indeed, it is Instagram that takes care of everything.

Just go to your story and swipe up. In this way, you will be able to see the synthesis of all the people who responded to you and their responses.

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