Instagram: how to control contacts by private messages?

This is the question that bothers Instagram users, how to limit contacts by private messages?

Your Instagram account belongs to you. You are therefore free to decide who can send you private messages, or comment on your photos. In this article, MCE TV explains how to do it.

Parameters to manage

Gone are the days when Instagram only allows you to share a few low-quality photos. From now on, the app is a real nugget that allows you to do a lot of things.

If you like to use it to share a bit of your private life, many people use it to grow their business, and boost their visibility. Several firms cannot do without it!

If you’re an Instagram addict, there are still a few things you need to know to control your private account. Among them, how to manage your DMs.

Anyone can send you. So you remember the period of bots which became unbearable. Know thatit is possible to manage your private messages.

If your Instagram account is public, anyone on Instagram can see your posts, and anyone can message you.

But when switching to a private account, head into settings to control your DMs. Go to privacy and messages. It’s up to you to decide which messages you allow.

In these settings, you can also decide whether or not you want to be added to group chats on Insta.

Instagram: how to control contacts by private messages?

Instagram evolves like TikTok

To manage who can comment on your posts, go to Settings , Privacy and comments. And authorize the people you want. Similarly, block comments from specific users you don’t want.

If you refuse to appear in the mentions, disable them in the Privacy menu. Other chose interesting to know if the likes make your head spin.

You can hide them in Advanced Settings to remove them. Many users now hide their likes and number of views.

And if, however, another user bothers you on the platform, know that you can block it. It is very simple. You just have to press the three buttons, at the top, ) right of his profile. The goal being toavoid any form of harassment.

On Instagram, there is also the possibility of reducing subscribers. And hide their stories. If you remain a user, they won’t be able to see when you’re online. He also won’t see whether or not you’ve read his messages. Quite handy isn’t it!

Insta is ready to do anything to improve its platform. Because to date, the competition is fierce! TikTok steals the show from the most popular social networks.

It must be said that its algorithm is very efficient. “So the algorithm gives us what we want. And in exchange we give the algorithm what it wants” said journalist Jia Tolentino.

“As the circle narrows, we become less and less able to separate the tastes of the algorithm from our own.”

Instagram does so everything possible to stay on top of the trend.

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