Instagram: how to be certified on the social network?

Do you want to have a certified account on Instagram? Good news, we will give you the procedure for this.

This is undoubtedly the holy grail for Instagram users. Indeed, being certified is synonymous with success on the social network associated with Facebook. However, some may wonder how to achieve this. Do not panic, we explain everything to you.

Almost everything is simple

Some may think that the process is not easy. However, there is nothing. Indeed, applying for a certificate is not rocket science. On the other hand, fulfill all the criteria to do so… That’s another story as you can imagine.

Because yes, anyone can ask to be certified on Instagram. But do you deserve it? Since by getting a small blue macaroon, it can open many doors for you. As the fact of reach more people with their stories for example.

Moreover, many tips exist on this subject without you being certified. But it is clear that having the blue logo next to your name will make your life easier. So what to do before taking the step?

It seems silly, but be careful that you find the right account. Indeed, if you want to certify your pro account, be sure to find yourself on it. Because by making the request through an account that you do not want to certify, your request could fall through.

It also works on Twitter. Besides, if you don’t know it yet, Instagram’s “edit” function could soon land on the blue bird social network. It is in any case what Elon Musk wants according to his words.

But if you clicked on this article, it remains above all to know how to proceed to become a certifier. In order to proudly display your new macaroon and show it off with your friends. See you in the following lines.

Instagram: how to be certified on the social network?

How to be certified on Instagram?

To get started, you need to go to the account you want to validate. As we let you know above, select the account in question before you start your request.

Once done, click on your profile picture at the bottom right on Instagram. Then click on the icon at the top right of your profile. Then click on Account in the Settings menu. You will then have to scroll through the menu.

You will then have to click on Require verification. This is where things get complicated. You will have to fill out a form. By first adding your name. It will also be necessary to add a photo in the form as well as an identity document.

Once all this is done, all you have to do is submit your request by clicking at the bottom of the page. Finally, you will have to be patient. So that Instagram has time to review your request. Especially since many criteria will be reviewed.

Including the number of followers you have, as well as the number of posts or likes. In the event that a criterion does not suit Instagram, your request will be refused. You will then have to start all your work over again. But be aware that by having the logo, you will probably no longer be able to see stories anonymously.

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