Instagram has increased the minimum time limit spent on its application

Allowing users to receive a reminder to close the application after a set time, the feature now offers a minimum limit of 30 minutes compared to 10 minutes previously.

It seems that Instagram is trying to push its users to spend more time on its platform. 2018, the social network offers a feature for users through which they can set a daily limit of time spent on the application. When enabled, they receive a reminder to close Instagram once the set limit has been reached. Previously, this delay could range from ten minutes to three hours. Alerted by a user, the site Tech Crunch found that the minimum limit was now thirty minutes. A change made discreetly.

A new minimum time limit.©Screenshot / Instagram

Contacted by the site, Meta, the parent company of the social network, indicated that it had made this change to avoid the simultaneous sending of several notifications following the launch of the “take a break” tool. “We have two time management features. Our ‘daily limit’ exists showing you a notification when you’ve reached your daily limit, but our new ‘take a break’ feature shows you full-screen reminders to quit the app, and includes 10-minute intervals”.

Benefits for users or for the company?

First announced last October, the “take a break” feature has recently become available in France. It encourages users to temporarily suspend their use of Instagram. When activated, they are prompted to leave the application, with reminders, after 10, 20 or 30 minutes of use. The feature was notably announced following the revelations of the Facebook files. Instagram is accused of harming the mental health of adolescents and tries to prove that it seeks to preserve it.

A new feature now available in France.©Screenshot / Instagram

Even if Meta justified this change of parameters, according to Tech Crunch, the latter could be related to another event. At the beginning of February, the action of the Californian group fell by 26%, the largest drop ever recorded for the firm. It occurred after the publication of its annual results, revealing, among other things, that for the first time, the social network Facebook lost daily users (1 million) between the third and fourth quarters of 2021. Thus, Meta could encourage Instagram users to spend more time there because they can be targeted with advertisements there, which can generate profits.

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