Instagram: hackers can easily access your account!

Hackers could easily access your Instagram account! We tell you how to protect yourself against hackers.

Is your Instagram account well protected? Hackers could access it easily! MCE TV shows you how to protect yourself.

Has your Instagram account been hacked?

Social networks are becoming more and more popular all over the world. It has also become a gateway for hackers who want have access to your personal information.

Many of us use Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. And we never feel threatened until the day our account is hacked! There, it is the catamaran!

Besides, on a significant trend to believe that only influencers and those who have a number of followers who are the target of hackers. In reality, hackers see everyone! No one is therefore immune.

We are all vulnerable on social networks. And it is not always obvious whether our Instagram account is the target of hackers.

With 1 billion active users, Instagram is often the target of hackers. If your account is hacked, it means that the person will have access to personal information, such as your phone number, your email address and your photos.

A digital security company has also shown how to know if your account is the victim of a hacker. Or that it risks being by hackers.

There are therefore several signs that someone is trying to take control of your account. Starting with your email address and number. Hackers will often look for modifiers as soon as they gain access to your account.

How to protect yourself?

account hackers Instagram are not uncommon! Indeed, many people who use the social network can be the target of hackers. Eh yes !

The first chosen to check, if you have any doubts, is the phone number and address linked to your account. Hackers will seek to prevent you from receiving change notifications regarding your account. You must therefore access your profile on Instagram and check this information.

Another sign that should alert you: your a new connection on a new device that you don’t know! The connections from suspicious locations should therefore be monitored very closely.

Finally, if your account has sent messages to several people, be aware that this is a sign of hacking. Eh yes ! Often hackers will send out links to trick more people. Pay attention !

So how do you protect your account? Well first of all you have to choose a strong password. See almost impossible to guess! You can use passwords automatically generated by Google.

You can also activate the double authentication of your account. Eh yes ! Thanks to this, hackers will have more difficulty to hack your profile Instagram.

Besides, you can do it with your phone number, or with a specialized application. If you ever notice suspicious activity on your account, change your password quickly!

“Hackers don’t tend to differentiate themselves on target. Because they automate their large-scale attacks. explains the security company, F-Secure. No one is safe! Eh yes…

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