Instagram could disappear on Iphone

Wed, January 26, 2022

It’s getting very complicated for Mark Zuckerberg’s company, Facebook, which also owns Instagram, which is a little underwater at the moment and is struggling to get out of it. ! We recall the facts: according to a study published a few days ago, Instagram would be beneficial for the mental health of adolescents. A data that the company knew but that it decided to hide from the rest of the world in a way it was Armelle who told us about it in Mouv ‘Actu !

A clumsy defense

Facebook is clearly doing anything with a more than questionable and clumsy defense and remarks. Already we learn in this study that because of the image reflected on the networks that 40% of young Americans think that they do not have enough money, and 41% of them do not find themselves attractive.. Facebook does not dispute but specifiesthat the survey results should not be used as estimates of the average teen user experience” on Instagram. Basically, if you decide to survey only depressives, it’s not our fault, and it distorts the data.. They try to answer point by point on their blog but when there is more argument we learn that “this research was not intended to (and must not) assess the causal links between Instagram and the health or goodbe”.

New charges

This weekend, and still via the Wall Street Journal we learn that Facebook dives into illegal human trade and labor exploitation. The social network would turn a blind eye to this kind of misuse by deleting the posts without modifying its algorithm, which is basically useless. In 2019, the BBC had already revealed in a documentary the extent of the black market on social networks, but obviously it has not changed muchchose !

Apple therefore warned Facebook. If the problems persist and nothing is done, Instagram will disappear from the App Store and will therefore be unusable for Iphone owners. One billion monthly active users, 500 million daily worldwide, ranked as the most popular app, especially among the 1834 years, it would be a disastrous economy for Facebook which suddenly banned the main hashtag used for this illegal human trade and has already deleted more than a hundred Instagram accounts… remains to be seen if this will be enough !

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