Instagram: comment modifier sensitive content controls?

Instagram wants to hit hard! At the last, the famous platform decided to improve controls on “sensitive content”.

On a daily basis, there are thousands of you get away on Instagram. But sensitive content has become commonplace. Know that you can control deleted messages on the social network. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z.

Instagram wants to stay in the race

To date, Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. Despite the success of TikTok, the platform continues to stand out brilliantly! Especially with reels, or even lives. We love !

On the Web, it is always pleasant to discover the innumerable celebrity and anonymous posts. For some influencers, Instagram has clearly become their work tool.

Thus, they monetize their posts and promote many brands. Internet users can also react to their photos and videos. But that’s not all !

On Instagram, you have certainly seen publications that you would have liked not to see. “Sensitive” content, one might say.

As a reminder, they include the “violent or sexual images”. But also the messages that honor the “drugs or weapons” to name just that.

In your settings, it is therefore possible to control them. All in all good news. It was time !

To do this, just switch the “sensitive content control” tab to select what you want to see or not. An option that should make people happy… But it still seems to be unknown to users.

Facebook has also decided to act on this subject. You will see, it is very simple to configure everything.

Change Sensitive Content Controls on Instagram… With a Snap of Your Fingers

On Instagram to control the sensitive content, it is very simple. Go to the app and click on your profile picture in the lower right corner.

Then you will come across your page. There you press the three lines that appear in the upper corner.

Then click on Settings. To finish, change on account then on sensitive content control.

Thus, you will be able to control the publications of your feed. If you are lost, don’t panic!

For each option, you will have explanations on what you tick! When you’re done, exit the menu and your changes will immediately be taken into account.

As a reminder, Instagram belongs to Meta (Facebook). And the group does not lack ambition!

In the years to come, he will rely more on metaverses. So be ready for immersions galore in virtual universes.

“It will be an entire ecosystem. We will trade there. We can exchange items virtually. It will be a place where workers can go to be more productive. And it will be very different from what we do now with a telephone. The metaverse is the next big growth chart for tech“, a teaser of Mark Zuckerberg from Le Devoir.

Innovative ideas that frighten some Internet users just as much. To be continued…

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