Instagram changes its algorithm to prioritize original content

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has announced a change to Instagram that now “emphasizes original content more.” This means that creators are going to have a better reach on the content they create than on content they repost. The objective is to reduce the domination of aggregator sites and to put content creators in the spotlight.

Instagram favors original content

If you repost a lot of content from other accounts, you might face a drop in reach. Original content is now prioritized by Instagram’s algorithm at the expense of content curation. This should increase the visibility of original content in Instagram feeds and Reels. This change is intended to account inflation limiter filled with imported popular videos who just reposts on Instagram and sometimes gets millions of views. They should no longer have the same visibility. In other words, stop just posting your favorite TikToks as Reels.

This is the latest change to the algorithm of the Meta-owned platform, following the return of chronological flows in March. Additionally, the Meta Group has made it clear that it considers Facebook and Instagram to be Creator- and Real-enabled platforms. The two platforms have therefore invested in shopping tools and resources for creators to build audiences.

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