Instagram blocks Emilie, who cannot prove to the network that she is over… 13 years old

Instagram blocks and threatens to delete the account of Emilie and her small eco-responsible clothing store, failing to prove to the network that she is well over… 13 years old. 7 years of work that could go up in smoke for this merchant.

Emilie is a merchant, and runs a small eco-responsible clothing store in Paris. To support her business, to canvass clients, stay in touch with them, she has had an Instagram account since 2015. Except that for a few days, nothing. The social network has its account blocked without any notice.

“Overnight we couldn’t log into the company’s Instagram account anymore. Instagram wonders if we are a child under 13. Instagram has a form to prove that we are over thirteen , but it does not work. All telephone numbers are deactivated, all addresses return error messages, we have tried all the means at our disposal and we have no feedback”, confides the founder of Dressing Responsable.

“7 years of work that go up in smoke if we can’t recover this account within 20 days”

This is what is displayed on his phone. “If you are unable to prove that you are at least 13 years old, we will deactivate your account within 28 days”. And this, definitely.

This is a rule of the platform supposed to protect the youngest, because, on paper, 13-year-olds are not allowed to have their account. Except that Emilie is much older than 13, and for her business, losing this Instagram account is not at all anecdotal.

“It’s years of work building for a community, a link with customers, a means of acquisition that is not negligible for us. So it’s 7 years of work that go up in smoke if we can’t get this account back in 20 days.”

We contacted Instagram, the platform assures us that the teams are mobilized to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Anne-Lyvia Tollinchi and Marie Dupin (edited by JA)

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