Instagram: a specially dedicated application for the iPad will be released?

Fans are still waiting for an Instagram app for the iPad. However, that would not be for now unfortunately.

As surprising as it may seem, Instagram does not exist on iPad. Of course, users can access it via the web. But no app exists unlike the iPhone or other smartphones. But will that change?

New things to come

If you accept, hopefully that changes, we’ll end it right away. As you will be able to discover a little further down, the app will not yet see the light of day. However, big news will arrive for the social network.

And these are not negligible. At a time when social networks are booming, Instagram must constantly renew itself. In order to keep his followers and offering them some novelties. Which can make the support more attractive.

In addition, the competition is found increasingly rude. We don’t let’s not talk about Snapchat and Twitter but especially from TikTok. For a few years now, this social network has enjoyed monumental success. So much so that its competitors are worried.

Internet users read each other more and more on TikTok and abandon the first social networks. So you have to be ingenious and come up with new things. Insta has already done this with its IGTVs. But soon something else will happen.

We are of course talking about translation. Because yes, Instagram’s primary goal is to share photos and videos of your daily life. But some are there to be inspired by the style influencers who follow. And this, all over the world.

However, it is difficult to to understand someone’s advice whom we follow and who do not speak our language. That’s why the apartment app in Meta will soon add automatic translation to videos.

Instagram: a specially dedicated application for the iPad will be released?

An Instagram app for iPad?

This will allow you to understand what is being said, even in a foreign language. And there is no doubt that the majority of users will be delighted by this news. But maybe not those found on iPad as we mentioned above.

Indeed, as a reminder, no Instagram app is on the Apple tablet. A shame when you know that the majority have this tool want to go to this social network. This is why they find themselves increasingly asking for change on this point.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee@MKBHD asked the question to the head of Insta. As noted by our colleagues from 20 Minutes. Adam Mosseri didn’t take long to respond. To enlighten him on the subject.

According to the manager there is still “not a big enough audience on Instagram to make it a priority”. However, he remains hopeful of “to arrive at some point. We are currently very focused on other things. »

This recalling that including an app for iPad would incur high costs. And faced with the “weak” public on the tablet… The company would be the loser. You will therefore have to wait a little longer before enjoying Insta on the Apple tablet.

But who knows, maybe it could quickly change. And that good news could arrive in the coming days.

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