Incredible sales on Microsoft Office and Windows 11! (limited stock)

It’s sales ! And it is therefore the best time to do excellent business if you need to equip yourself with computer equipment, treat yourself to high-tech products or even make last-minute gifts!

You’ve taken advantage of a super discount for the laptop you’ve been coveting for a few weeks, but have you thought about checking which operating system it has and equipping it with the essential office suite Microsoft Office?

To overcome this oversight, the French company YesLicense offers you its large catalog of Microsoft products for individuals and professionals at unbeatable prices. In particular, you can buy the latest Microsoft Office 2021 edition for just €14.99 or the Windows 11 operating system from €6.25. And what’s even better is that the delivery of your license will be immediate, while you will have to wait for the delivery of your computer. Indeed, these are Windows license keys that you will receive in a simple email. This dematerialization process makes it possible to reduce the cost of transport, logistics and storage since there is no CD or DVD medium to store or send. In addition, many laptops no longer have an optical drive, thus favoring dematerialization.

Discounted Microsoft Office licenses for individuals

To offer such interesting offers with an irreproachable quality of service, YesLicense has a secret. This French company practices the second-hand license and reduces its costs to the maximum with dematerialization. A second-hand license is in perfect condition and contrary to what its name suggests, it is not a license to buy anywhere, that you would have hunted down at a flea market. These are activation keys for Microsoft products purchased by companies and then income when they no longer need them. This process of buying and selling used licenses is completely legal and supervised by Europe. Of course, there are other players in this second-hand license market, but YesLicense also offers an impeccable service to answer all of its customers’ questions. Impossible to end up with a defective activation key with YesLicense, it is immediately replaced.

Dematerialization is also a significant lever for lowering the purchase price. As we have indicated, the delivery and storage of physical products are significant costs that YesLicense does not pass on to its prices. However, be careful not to confuse the activation keys sold by YesLicense with the subscription to Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365.

Indeed, the licenses sold by YesLicense belong to you for life. These are perpetual licenses to be installed on the Microsoft Office office suite, which you will have previously downloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac computer. Thus, you will be able to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the other software of the office suite (depending on the version chosen) directly on your computer and without requiring an Internet connection, as with the Office 365 subscription. Of course, this system subscription offers other advantages, but from the moment you stop your payments, you no longer have access to your office tools, unlike the lifetime license offered by YesLicense.

In your YesLicense email, what will you receive?

When you purchase a Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac license, or a Windows 10 license, you’ll receive an email within a minute that’s relevant to your transaction, with the invoice for your purchase, your activation key, and a handy guide to downloading your Microsoft product from an official source and install your activation key easily. And if your license key doesn’t work, YesLicense customer service sends you a new one immediately.

What are the Microsoft Office and Windows offers for professionals?

YesLicense is also involved alongside professionals in order to offer them offers adapted to their business. How is the company doing? It offers professionals a free 30-minute consultation with a Microsoft Expert who accompanies them in their choice of product licenses according to their activities and their structure, so that the Microsoft license format is adapted (Retail, OEM, wholesale volumes, etc.).

Yeslicense also offers them to download licenses:
• Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus Retail with online activation
• Office 2019 Pro Plus in volume (Windows Server compatible)
• Office 2021 Pro Plus with online activation (Retail offer)
• Windows 10 Pro with online activation
• Windows 11 Pro with online activation
• Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business for Mac (Retail offer)
• Microsoft Office 2019 Home and Business for Windows (Retail offer)
• Windows Server (Windows Server 2022 included)
• CAL’s User/RDS/Device access licenses

Article written in collaboration with YesLicense

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