In London, Ubers will drive a Tesla Model 3

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Via a fund dedicated to the energy transition, the municipality of London will support the deployment of 100 Model 3 intended for drivers of VTC platforms.

Driven by Breathe, an electric rental specialist, the offer is based on a turnkey subscription formula including the provision of the car, insurance, maintenance and tire replacement. It also allows drivers to choose between different rental options, including one allowing the vehicle to be acquired after four years.

Depending on the formula chosen, the subscription fluctuates between 324 and 349 pounds/week, or between 382 and 412 euros, with a mileage of 65,000 km/year (1,250 km/week).

Financed by the Energy Efficiency Fund of the Mayor of London (MEEF), the operation should lead to the deployment of 100 copies of the Model 3. This remains little compared to the approximately 45,000 drivers who operate in the British capital. This initiative in favor of electricity is not the only one, however. In London, Uber has introduced a clean air tax of 3 pence/mile to fund the switch to electric for its drivers. A program that has enabled some 4,000 drivers to make the switch to electric.

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