Illan: Threatened by Lena’s ex (Lenoutsa), he sends her a message on Instagram!

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Life is not a long calm river for Illan… Always at the heart of several controversies, the candidate of the Princes is trying somehow to defend himself and prove his innocence. If many fans believe in the honesty of the young man, many other Internet users do not trust him. Illan once again called himself exhausted in the face of relentlessness. On the heart side, it’s not better. Isabeau’s ex once again offered to find love alongside a gorgeous Polish model, but the couple broke up in just three months. Illan tries to bounce back somehow, but a new tile has just fallen on his head. He received insults and threats from an ex of Lenoutsa… The latter accuses him of stealing his girlfriend and wants him to pay. Illan explains the situation, and sends him a message in his Instagram story. We tell you everything.

Illan, at the heart of all conflicts

A few days ago, he confided in distraught on Instagram: “ I’ve never done the things I’m accused of… 6 months is too much. You have to let me breathe… Stop messing up my life… You bury me alive, I no longer have the strength, you took everything from me. What more do you want? » . His testimony will not have been enough. Lenoutsa’s ex threatens her on the networks.

In his story, Illan confides: “ Something crazy is happening to me, you’re going to laugh too much. I did not expect that. There is a friend of mine who receives a message “The next time I meet Illan, I will catch him” (…) I have problems with no one, so I find it weird (…) It’s the Lena’s ex! But I told him “Brother, it’s not my fault, I wasn’t aware that I was stealing your girl. I wasn’t aware that she had a boyfriend at the time, you can’t blame me” (…) If I had problems with all the guys I stole their girlfriend from, that would (…) Lena is one of the girls with whom I stayed the least long, but who gave me the most problems, it’s serious » .

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