Huawei will infect its Android alternative in Europe from 2022

HarmonyOS is coming to Europe! After its sensational entry into China, Huawei’s Android alternative will make its grand entrance into the European market in 2022. The brand will also continue to offer high-end terminals in our regions.

Private Android license by decision of the United States, Huawei has not been able to preinstall Google services on its smartphones since 2019. To emancipate itself from its American partners, the Chinese group has accelerated the development of HarmonyOS, a system of exploitation of his own.

After several months of beta, HarmonyOS has arrived in final version on Huawei smartphones in China in early 2021. 141 phone models are compatible. The mobile OS was quickly adopted by Chinese users, remained very loyal to the brand. In September 2021, the symbolic milestone of 100 million users on HarmonyOS was exceeded.

Huawei finally set to launch HarmonyOS in Europe

So far, Huawei hasn’t ventured its Android alternative outside of China. From 2022, the situation is set to change. During an interview granted to Adevarul, a Romanian media, Derek Yu, president of Huawei for Europe, announced the arrival of HarmonyOS on the European continent in the course of next year.

“For users in Europe, next year we will introduce HarmonyOS (2022)”, announces Derek Yu without giving a more precise date. As is the case in China, the operating system should be offered on many references in Huawei’s catalog throughan optional update. It is assumed that Huawei could take advantage of the release of a future smartphone to push its OS.

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True to form, Huawei is assured that its mobile OS is superior to the competition. “When users switch from Android to HarmonyOS, the level of satisfaction increases by 10%”, advances Derek Yu, without mentioning where he got his figures. Finally, the official gave details on Huawei’s future in the European market.“We will continue to invest in flagships and in particular in the foldable segment, but also in the Mate and P series”says Yu. In fact, we can expect to see other Huawei Mate X with foldable screen land in Europe despite US sanctions.

To circumvent the restrictions, Huawei is also developing its own 5G chips. For now, the Chinese giant cannot buy 5G compatible components from American suppliers, such as Qualcomm. The Nova 9, one of the brand’s latest phones, is also content with 4G. “Shanghai research and development (R&D) center is working on a solution for 5G chips », reassures Derek Yu. Will Huawei manage to return to the front of the stage? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source: Adevarul

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