Huawei wants to become the first smartphone brand to enter the automotive market

Could the automotive market become one of Huawei’s new horizons? In any case, this is what Yu Chengdong, one of the bridges of the brand, says in an interview. Huawei is looking to become the first smartphone maker to invest in this rapidly changing market.

Huawei could it start in the automotive industry? The brand only sees advantages in this. This is Yu Chengdong, general manager of the Consumer Business Group in the company who says so.

Chinese auto blogger Wu Pei interviewed Yu Chengdong a few days ago. The latter being responsible for the division concerning automotive solutions, the conversation quickly drifted to Huawei’s ambitions on this subject. The interviewee thus stated that Huawei wanted to be one of the first smartphone companies to enter the industry.

Huawei wants to enter the automotive industry

Wu Pei asked Yu Chengdong if Huawei’s success in smartphones could translate to the automotive market. It is not impossible, according to the latter, who asserted that the three cornerstones of success are experience, quality and brand image. Three things Huawei lacks.

Yu Chengdong says Huawei must be the first smartphone brand to invest in the automobile. A question of image, since no one will remember the second, according to him. Huawei is currently working on solutions for the car market, but the brand could go even further in the future. A first stone was laid with the announcement of the Aito M5 a few months ago, an electric SUV designed in partnership with Seres.

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In any case, the industry is changing and the example of Tesla has shown that there is room for new players. It is recalled that Huawei has been subject to a US embargo since 2019. This prevents it both from using parts of American or affiliated companies, but also from using software developed by national brands. With these sanctions, sales of Huawei smartphones have plummeted over the years. The company is now looking for a new breath and going through the automotive industry could be a solution for the future.

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