Huawei saw its sales drop by more than 80% in 2021, it’s historic

Huawei is going through a selling period in its history. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed experienced a historic drop in sales of more than 80% in one year, according to Omdia. A fall whose cause is of course the embargo imposed on it since 2019.

The Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei has been under a US embargo since 2019. The brand no longer has the right to use Google’s software suite in its smartphones, but also its Kirin processors designed by TSMC. If in 2020, sales were still good (188 million smartphones sold), 2021 marks a real descent into hell.

According to Omdia, Huawei experienced a historic drop in sales last year. The brand has sold 35 million smartphones worldwide, a decrease of 81.6% in just one year.

Huawei sees its sales figures plummet

The manufacturer was on top of the world just a few years ago, squatting the podium of the biggest smartphone sellers. In 2020, Huawei occupied more than 15% of the market share internationally. End of 2021, only 3% of smartphones sold in the world are Huawei.

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Moreover, Honneur, its former subsidiary which has now become independent, passed him by selling 39.8 million smartphones. It should be remembered that Honor is not affected by the American embargo and can therefore use the Google suite. Currently, Honor is the eighth largest manufacturer in the world and Huawei the ninth. Huawei is not going away. The brand is still powerful in China (where Google does not offer its sequel). She is currently trying to bounce back with Harmony OS, her home operating system that simply wants to replace Android.

Credits: PhoneArena, Omdia

As for the ranking of manufacturers, Samsung is always first with 20% market share, followed by Apple with 18%. Xiaomi is third with 14%.

Things could change very quickly. Xiaomi has indeed long teeth and adopts a very aggressive pricing policy. Thus, its growth is insolent (almost 30% in one year), while Samsung believes “only” 5.6%. Xiaomi is still far from first, but if things continue at this rate, it will only be a matter of time.

Source: PhoneArena

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