Huawei outlines its vision for data storage in the yottabyte era

MUNICH, May 12, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At the Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum 2022, Huawei presented its vision for data storage: “A secure, data-centric foundation for storing diverse applications.” This strategy prioritizes innovation, specifically focusing on the decoupling of storage and compute architectures as well as application acceleration engines. Huawei intends to help companies accelerate their digital transformation and manage their various applications.

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Speech by Peter Zhou, Vice President Head of Huawei’s IT Product Line (Photo: Business Wire)

The tremendous growth of data is leading to major changes that have an impact on storage technologies:

  1. Emergence of new types of applications: distributed databases, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), HPDA (High performance data analysis)…

  2. Acceleration of data services, which requires faster analysis and processing of real-time data to improve production efficiency and user experience.

  3. Cybersecurity: the many and varied threats cause considerable economic damage, forcing organizations to increase the level of protection of their data.

  4. Reduced environmental impact of storage and growing demand for energy-efficient solutions.

Huawei already offers a full suite of storage products, including OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage, OceanStor Pacific distributed storage, OceanProtect backup, and FusionCube hyperconverged infrastructure.

In order to achieve its vision of a safe and data-centric foundation for storing diverse applications”, the Group, through the voice of Dr. Peter Zhou, Vice President of Huawei and President of the ICT line wishes today go further by accelerating its efforts around three axes.

First of all, it is essential to decouple storage and computing architectures. As companies accelerate their digital transformation, emerging data applications are gradually becoming production applications, demanding greater reliability. Additionally, the gap between the lifecycle of processing and data continues to widen, requiring flexible and independent management and maintenance of compute and storage resources. The decoupling of the two architectures is accomplished on an elastic, reliable, and cost-effective storage system to facilitate the cost-effective delivery of faster, safer, and more efficient services.

Next, storage systems need to incorporate more data application acceleration engines. To support the various applications, a forward-looking storage system must not only provide persistent data hosting but also serve to build an infrastructure that combines a persistence layer with the application acceleration engine. Emerging applications (distributed databases, Big Data, AI, etc.) that produce masses of data are constantly gaining ground. Future storage systems will have advanced data management and data-intensive features to accelerate these various applications. This will improve end-to-end processing efficiency (up to a factor of 10) and therefore, significantly, customer experience and operational efficiency.

Last but not least, ecodesign is essential for product development and covers three aspects: a) green production, for example from renewable materials; b) green products, made of low-carbon components (NAND flash memory, high-density material design, high data reduction, resource pooling to occupy less space and improve efficiency; c) supporting companies in the optimal use of data services for greener production and operations.

Peter Zhou also pointed out that over the past three decades, storage has evolved to form the backbone of data valuation in line with application development: “ We are entering the yottabyte era. Data applications are experiencing unprecedented growth. This forum is focused on the themes of ecology, acceleration and innovation, and it is also in these directions that the development of storage at Huawei is moving. Together with our partners, we will offer high quality storage products and solutions to create more value for our customers. »

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