Huawei MateView review: our full review

Huawei launches in France a consumer PC monitor with a particularly refined design. Sold at less than 500 euros, the Huawei MateView has many arguments to establish itself as a reference.

Source: Arnaud Gélineau – Frandroid

Huawei continues to diversify its product catalog in France with a new category: PC monitors. The first of these is the Huawei MateView, and as we will see, it stands out very well from the competition.

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Huawei MateView

This test was carried out with a MateView lent by HuaweiI.


Like the PC market for a long time, the monitor market often boils down to dull glossy plastic products or LED neon aesthetics when it comes to gaming products. It is primarily through design that the Huawei MateView wants to make an impression.

Huawei MateView review: the ideal external screen for telecommuting or the office
Source: Arnaud Gélineau – Frandroid

Let’s be honest, the screen looks like it came straight out of a California design office. We have the impression of discovering the mid-range screen that Apple will never launch on the market. We indeed find the glossy gray aluminum look typical of Apple products, with a desire to offer a sleek design, which will fit very well in a living room without being unpleasant to the eye.

The stand of the screen is installed rather easily, without too much effort or screwdriver, but beware, it will be mandatory to use the monitor. Huawei has in fact not provided for VESA compatibility which could use an alternative stand or arm. It must be said that the connector of the monitor is precisely in its foot.

Huawei at least has the merit of offering a foot allowing adjustment at the top and a slight inclination of the slab. We would still have liked a pivot mode to tilt the screen vertically to really compete with what is best on the market.

The control of the screen passes exclusively by a touch bar under the slab. You tap once to confirm an option, twice to cancel, and swipe to switch between options. I’m never a big fan of tactile buttons, and I prefer when a screen offers physical buttons with clearer shortcuts. There we are always a little hesitant in our selections and the menu is not the most responsive. However, it will be mandatory to move from one source to another.


First point to note, the MateView tire its energy from an external power supply of 135 W, which passes through a USB-C port to connect. In principle, this means that it will be simple to change the power supply in question, or to use an alternative USB-C charger. That’s a good point.

In addition to this power connector, there is an HDMI 2.0 port (3840 x 2560 at 50 Hz maximum) and a miniDP port (DP1.2) at the back of the stand. This choice is a little strange from Huawei’s part for a product released in 2021. MiniDP was discovered on several generations of high-end PCs and MacBooks several years ago, such as the Surface Pro or MacBook Pros, but HDMI and USB-C have long since replaced this connector. Fortunately, the brand still offers a miniDP to DisplayPort cable with the screen.

Huawei MateView review: the ideal external screen for telecommuting or the office
Source: Arnaud Gélineau – Frandroid

On the side of the foot, there is a USB-C port that can be connected to a laptop PC and which will allow a triple use: charge the PC (65W), transmit the image to the external screen and manage both USB-A 3.0 ports found on the side. This is also where you’ll find a 3.5mm jack port and the display’s power button.

We therefore have both a very modern and universal connector, which will allow you to connect a laptop PC with a single cable, and also this miniDP which has today, so to speak, disappeared. For desktop PCs, we would have preferred a full DisplayPort port, more classic on PC screens.

The slab

The centerpiece of the Huawei MateView is obviously its very large 28-inch panel in 3:2 format, i.e. a display 61 cm wide and 41 cm high. It’s not a very orthodox format on desktop PCs, but it’s really very pleasant to work with. The definition is 3840 x 2560 pixels, which is above a 4K image (3840 x 2160 pixels).

On paper, Huawei has bet everything on the professional market since it is a 60 hertz IPS panel with the promise of offering 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 spectrum and efficient factory calibration.

Huawei MateView review: the ideal external screen for telecommuting or the office

We therefore passed the screen under our colorimetric probe. The results are very satisfactory, we obtain a coverage of 95% of the DCI-P3, for 141.7% of the sRGB. The calibration is successful with an average Delta E of 2.6 and a maximum Delta E of 6.3. A Delta E below 3 is considered invisible to the naked eye. The brightness of 441 cd/m² and the contrast of 1000:1 are sufficient, but these are not the strong points of this screen.

From these figures, it should be understood that the screen is not among the best on the market in terms of color display accuracy, but that it is more than enough for consumer and even professional use, if you are not at work in a film studio. It is a screen with which it is very pleasant to work.

Convenient functions

The Huawei MateView is out of the ordinary in more ways than one. The screen offers exclusive functions that we understand inherited from a brand that has a long history in mobile. The MateView thus integrates a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection which makes it possible to control the screen from a smartphone. If your PC or smartphone is compatible with Miracast, a standard wireless display technology, it is also possible to project the image without connecting a single cable.

Huawei MateView review: the ideal external screen for telecommuting or the office
Source: Arnaud Gélineau – Frandroid

If you have a Huawei brand smartphone, it’s even simpler since you just have to approach the device with the foot where there is an NFC tag. The connection is then made instantly.

Availability and prices

The Huawei MateView is offered at the recommended price of 699 euros by Huawei. In fact, whether at Fnac or directly at Huawei, we find it rather around 500 to 530 euros depending on whether you want the version integrating the wireless connection or not.

At this price, Huawei is in the high-end monitor market, but not overpriced.

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