Huawei enters the yottabyte era by bolstering its OceanStor Pacific distributed storage lineup

On the occasion of his Innovative Data Infrastructure ForumHuawei is strengthening the capabilities of its OceanStor Pacific range of distributed storage solutions, designed to meet the needs of new applications such as HPDA (High-Performance Data Analytics), backup or management of BigData data, as well as backup and storage. archiving of very large volumes of data.

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Hugo Doucet, Chief Customer Officer at Huawei, speaking at Huawei’s Innovative Data Infrastructure Forum (Photo: Business Wire)

The main features of the Huawei OceanStor Pacific range:

  • Optimized design: with 120 drives per 5U chassis, it increases drive density per unit space by 20% over equivalent solutions on the market. As for the storage space utilization rate, it is more than 14.5%.
  • High performance: With its hybrid workload management, OceanStor Pacific reduced analysis time from 24h to just 7 min.

“The growing needs of companies in terms of analysis of large volumes of data, high performance computing (HPC) or artificial intelligence are bringing us inexorably into the era of yottabytes. This transition is now giving rise to new applications and new data flows whose characteristics are hybrid, each in their own way: hybrid performance model, hybrid multi-protocol access mode, hybrid analysis of different data sources… The variable nature hybridization makes it difficult to integrate new workloads. Huawei is focusing on innovation to develop solutions capable of managing this uncertainty, in particular by facilitating storage systems”explains Hugo Doucet, Customer Director at Huawei.

Among the new features announced, the OceanStor Pacific line now adopts SmartBalance, a fully balanced design system that improves the efficiency of hybrid workloads. For this, the system uses a converged indexing mechanism for unmodified data; that is, one copy of the data is shared natively across multiple protocols, without creating duplicates, allowing for native and seamless multi-protocol interworking. In addition, OceanStor Pacific optimizes data flow management i/O size, which improves performance and data processing efficiency of hybrid workloads, with bandwidth up to 160 GB / s, 6.4 million IOPS and 640,000 OPS.

With the disaster recovery solution of multiple active data centers, Huawei OceanStor Pacific allows organizations to build up to 12 data centers that simultaneously provide online data services. The overall storage space utilization rate remains at 61%, which is the best in the industry. Service continuity is maintained even if one or two data centers fail.

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