Huawei deprived of 5G for its new smartphones

Posted 29Jul. 2021 at 18:07Updated on Jul 29, 2021 at 7:13 PM

It was predicted and confirmed. The new P50 and P50 Pro smartphones from Chinese Huawei will not be equipped with 5G processors. This was announced by Richard Yu, CEO of the red lotus brand, during the presentation on Thursday of the manufacturer’s new products. An absence of size, while all the latest smartphones from competing brands are compatible with the new generation of mobile telephony. According to GSMA, the mobile industry lobby, there are indeed 400 5G models on the market.

United States sanctions, which prohibit American companies from selling their products and services to Huawei, therefore continue to hit the Chinese giant in the heart. The group certainly produces its own 5G chips, but not in sufficient quantities to equip all of its smartphones. Before the sanctions, Huawei therefore approved of the American Qualcomm.

On Thursday, Richard Yu sought to downplay the issue. “When 4G is combined with Wi-Fi 6 and technologies based on artificial intelligence, we arrive at the same or even better communication capacities than those of our competitors. »

Android still missing

These sanctions also prevent Huawei from equipping its smartphones with Android, Google’s operating system (OS), and from removing “killer apps” such as YouTube or Gmail. The P50s are the brand’s first smartphones to directly include Harmony OS, Huawei’s in-house operating system. According to Richard Yu, 40 million Chinese users have switched to this OS, available on other brand devices thanks to an update.

But that doesn’t stop Huawei from comparing the performance of its P50s with competitors like the iPhone 12 or the Samsung S21. The P50 would thus be as big as the iPhone but lighter, the Leica camera of better quality, the frame rate displayed on the screen more important, all with a better battery.

On Chinese soil, the P50 Pro will be marketed in August and the P50 in September. No release date outside of China has been specified. Huawei must already win back the Chinese market, while the brand is no longer in the top 5 of smartphone sales in China, according to an IDC report.

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