How to use Instagram like a pro?

Can’t stand posting photos that have little or no impact on Instagram? Would you like to get more followers, reach more people with each post on the social network and thus become an influential user? It’s possible ! But to achieve such a result, you need to take certain precautions. You will find in this tutorial, some valuable tips that will allow you touse Instagram like a pro.

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Post quality photos to use Instagram like a pro


To use Instagram like a pro and extend your influence on the platform, you must improve the quality of the visual content (images, photos and videos) that you publish there. As you know, Instagram is a social network focused around this type of content. And every time you upload a photo, a video or a simple image, it is in the hope that it will be seen by a very large number of people.

However, for the content published to have a big impact on Instagram, it must necessarily be clear, well framed, pleasant and pleasant to watch; in other words, it must appeal to mobile users both in substance and in form. This is why it is advisable to repeat the photos or videos as many times as necessary until you obtain content of impeccable quality.

And to get there, you have to take the time it takes. The objective is above all to exalt your followers. If so, your content will soon go viral. So roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Filter Usage Limiter


The majority of users, who are taking their first steps on Instagram, love to play with filters. This is very good, but you should avoid overusing them even if some of them are very attractive. Indeed, to use Instagram like a pro, you must, instead of constantly changing the initial atmosphere of your photos, also learn to use light (daylight, streetlights, etc.) to your advantage.

Any pro photographer will tell you, this is the very first rule to accept to take beautiful photos. And while flash comes in handy for capturing nighttime moments, it’s best to avoid using it on Instagram as much as possible, because Instagram tends to like the quality of the photographs.

To avoid having to apply filters to your photos before each publication, always choose your decor carefully. And provide you with good lighting (if possible natural), to optimize the quality of the photograph on arrival.

Include hashtags in your posts


You’ve probably used it on Instagram before. But do you know that they play a very big role in popularizing content on this social network? Indeed, hashtags allow Internet users and mobile users to easily find attractive content falling into a certain category.

The pros and influencers having understood this very early on, they do not care about it in their various publications. You should do the same to make your photos and videos more accessible to the public. But be careful not to abuse it. For your visual content to be well referenced on the platform, always ensure that the hashtags used are related to the publication they accompany.

Having trouble finding hashtags that are fun and relevant to your content? No problem, you can use recent online tools that are the most popular at the moment. Do not hesitate to use it if you are short of inspiration.

Optimize your images to use Instagram like a pro

Optimizing your photos before posting them on Instagram improves the quality. You can achieve such a result by enriching your visual content using dedicated applications such as:

  • Instasize: it is for uploading unframed photos (without cutting them perfectly);
  • PhotoGrid: ideal for collage;
  • Phonto: solution dedicated to adding attractive texts to images or photos.

Depending on the desired finish, you can offer the appropriate application to make your photo original and dress up. An effort that your followers do not fail to appreciate at its fair value by “liking” and relaying your publication.


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