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(Pocket-lint) – All Instagram users in the US with a public account can now tag products in their posts. Previously, this feature was restricted to brands and certain creators. Here’s everything you need to know about tagging products on Instagram, including how to do it and if you get a share of sales.

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Why tag a product on Instagram?

Influencers use the ability to tag to show their audience and followers the different things they have in their posts and offer them a chance to buy them.

So if your favorite chef uses a particular griddle in all of their viral videos, then maybe they’ll tag it in their future videos, letting you see the brand, model, and where to buy it. It’s as simple as that. Even if you’re not an influencer or a chef, you could use product tagging to highlight the things you love. Instagram noted that users could also use product tagging to better “support their favorite small businesses.”

How to tag products in Instagram posts

When creating, you can tag up to 20 products per post. You can also tag products in new and existing posts on your Instagram account.

Tag products in your Instagram posts:

  1. Create a message: Tap + and toggle on Post.
    • Select or take a photo or video.
    • Add caption, effects and filters.
    • Press the arrow or next.
  2. Tap Tag People.
    • You’ll need to tag an eligible brand and then you can search for products.
    • You see options under People and Products. Tap Products.
  3. Tap the photo to start tagging products. Use the descriptors to find the product.
    • Once you find a product, you can specify styles and/or colors.
    • Tap to add a label.
  4. Click Share to post the post with the product tag.
  5. Your marked products will be displayed in the post.

You need help ?

Learn how to edit or remove product tags in Instagram’s support guide here.

Where to display posts with product tags?

Your Instagram posts with product tags will appear in your followers’ feed, in your profile, and in search results on Instagram. Instagram said it was working to bring a similar feature to Stories.

You can also share an Instagram post with product tags on Facebook (just switch to Facebook before posting).

Do you receive a share of the sales?

For the moment no. This is not an affiliate opportunity, where you receive a portion of the sales of products you brand, although Instagram has been testing affiliates and exploring ways for creators to make a living on its platform.

Does Instagram sell products?

No, not directly. Anyone who taps on a product tag of a brand or detail will be able to purchase that item on Instagram or by going to the product detail page of the brand or detail.

Where is product marking available?

Instagram has opened product tagging to all users with public accounts.

You want to know more ?

Consult theblog post and Instagram’s support hub for details.

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