How to Print to Microsoft XPS Document Writer on Windows PC

As an alternative to PDF, Microsoft has introduced an electronic paper format – XPS to create and share documents. The format allows you to save and publish content in an easily viewable form. UN XML specification document (XPS) can be created in any program you can print from, using an XPS document editor. Microsoft XPS Document Writer (MXDW) is an in-file print driver that allows a Windows application to create XML Paper Specification (XPS) document files. It allows you to create .xps files in any program that has a print option. Once the XPS document is created and saved in the XPS format, you cannot modify its contents.

XPS Document Writer or Viewerby default, is installed on Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.

How to Print to XPS Document Writer

To do this, click on the File menu of a document or file that you then want to print in .xps format, then click on Print.

A print dialog box will be visible on your computer screen. From there choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer. Here I tried this with my Word 2013 file.

How to Print to XPS Document Writer

Now to view the document using the XPS Viewer after having printed it, click on Preferences then among the 2 visible tabs choose the ‘Documents XPS’ tab.

Printing Options

Then check the box that says ‘Automatically open XPS documents using the XPS Viewer’ if it is not checked, then click OK.

Verification of XPS documents

Click Print to print the document or file.

When prompted, enter a file name and browse to where you can save the .xps file. Click Save. Windows will save .xps files to your Documents folder by default.

save the XPS document

If you want to attach a digital signature to an XPS document before sending or sharing it, you can do so. Attaching a signature identifies the creator of the XPS document and prevents it from being modified.

Sign the document

Additionally, you can also choose who can view the document and for how long by requesting permissions before sharing the document.


How to Print to XPS Document Writer

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