How to easily scan a QR code with your Samsung smartphone

Scanning a QR code on a Samsung smartphone is quick and easy. These codes are increasingly popular being used not only to replace barcodes, but also to share information or replace business cards for example. Here’s how to easily scan a QR code with your Samsung Galaxy

In the past, reading QR codes was specific to Samsung’s web browser, when these images were mostly used to share text snippets such as URLs. It could later be done using the Bixby Vision app, but since One UI 2/2.5 you can scan a QR code in two different ways.


How to scan a QR code with Samsung’s dedicated reader

Samsung’s One UI overlay offers a shortcut to a dedicated QR code reader from the quick settings menu, the list of shortcuts appears above the notification panel when you swipe the top of the screen up low. This option is available on smartphones running One UI 2.5 or newer:

  1. Open menu of quick settings by swiping the screen down from the top
  2. Navigate to the last page to open the option Scan a QR code.
    1. If the shortcut is not available, tap the + icon and dial it to the quick settings menu
  3. Point the camera at a QR code (if you open the app from the lock screen, you’ll need to unlock the smartphone first)
  4. Select the desired option to interact with the QR code

You will be able to quickly access the QR code reader using the quick settings of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. / © NextPit

How to scan a QR code with the Samsung camera app

It is also possible to detect QR codes and interact with them using the native camera application of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The QR code reader is integrated with scene detection algorithms and a notification is displayed when it detects a QR code.

  1. Open the camera app
  2. Point the smartphone to a QR code
  3. Press on Show options
  4. Select what you want to do with the QR code
Samsung Native QR Code Reader

Scanning a QR code is also easy with Samsung’s camera app / © NextPit

And you, do you prefer to use the Google Lens or Bixby Vision apps to scan QR codes? What’s your favorite way to interact with QR codes?


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