How to delete a Facebook account?

How to deactivate a Facebook account?

Steps to Deactivate a Facebook Account

Deactivating a Facebook account is a temporary step. In the event that you change your mind, you may be able to recover your data or reactivate your account. This solution is recommended to continue using the Messenger application. The first deactivation steps are similar to those for deleting a Facebook account. From a computer (directly on the Facebook site) or a smartphone (from the site or via the application), here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in from your profile.
  • Access Account Privacy Settings from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
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  • Choose the “Settings” sub-menu, then the option “Your Facebook information”.
  • Click on “Deactivation and deletion”, then on “Deactivate account”.
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All you have to do is confirm, after selecting “Continue with account deactivation”. Then the system will guide you to finalize the deactivation of your Facebook account. If you want to use it again, all you have to do is log in with your credentials, without any further action.

What does the procedure for deactivating your Facebook account involve?

Deactivating your Facebook account allows you to continue to benefit from the Messenger service. Your contacts keep your profile name in their friends list. If it’s a group, admins can view your previous posts and comments. However, your personal profile is no longer visible to anyone other than yourself.

As a reminder, a connection will automatically reactivate your account. The recovery possibilities mean that all your posts, photos and videos are kept. As for Oculus products, dedicated to virtual reality, they will no longer be accessible or usable. On the other hand, the service Login to Facebook will always be active to continue benefiting from applications such as Pinterest or Spotify. The pages associated with your account will be deactivated without you having to perform a specific one.

How to delete delete a Facebook account?

Steps to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Unlike deactivating a Facebook account, deletion is a permanent procedure. Therefore, it will not be possible to recover your generated data. However, there is an alternative. If you log back into your account within the 30-day period, it will be reactivated. After this period, there will be no possible appeal.

In exceptional cases, a recovery of the data is kept possible. For Facebook, the average time to permanently delete data associated with an account is 90 days. In whole or in part, personal information may remain in the Facebook backup system. You get more information by consulting the data use policy.

To delete your Facebook account, follow the steps described above. Navigate to privacy settings until you see the “Disable and delete” option, then choose “Delete account”. Then confirm your selection with the “Proceed with account deletion” tab. Finally, you must enter your personal password and finalize the operation by clicking on “Continue”. This manipulation is also possible from a smartphone or a computer.

What are the consequences of deleting a Facebook account?

After the 30-day period, the deletion of your Facebook account caused the inaccessibility of the associated services. This applies in particular to the following features and aspects:

  • Added content (photos, comments, videos, etc.) will be removed without the possibility of subsequent recovery.
  • The Facebook Messenger service will no longer be usable.
  • Data related to Oculus products will be erased, along with purchases made from the system.
  • Associated Facebook pages and groups will be automatically deleted.
  • Access with Facebook Login will be disabled.

Regarding this last point, it may be necessary to contact or take steps with the administrators of the websites or applications concerned.

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