How to Block or Unblock Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook

To block a person on Facebook, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Go to his Profile page,
  2. Click on the icon in the form of 3 small dots located next to the blue button Message (Messenger icon),
  3. Then click on To block,
  4. Facebook informs you about what will change if you block this person. To validate your request, you must click on Confirmer (Where To block if you are on mobile).

Good to know: if you are on the Facebook Messenger application, you can block your contact by clicking on their name at the top of the screen. You find the option To block at the bottom of the screen. You can then block all their messages and calls.

how to unblock someone on facebook

To unblock someone on Facebook, you need to go to your settings:

On the web version (desktop):

  1. Click on the arrow icon at the very top right,
  2. Follow the following path: Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking,
  3. Click on Unlock for the bereaved.

On the mobile app:

  1. Tap the menu (it’s the icon with the three horizontal lines),
  2. Follow the following path: Settings and Privacy > Settings > Blocking,
  3. Press on Unlock for the bereaved.

To know: if you unblock a person on Facebook, you will have to wait 48 hours to block them again.

What are the consequences if you block an account on Facebook?

If you block someone, they will no longer be on your friends list. Facebook also indicates that a blocked user will no longer be able to:

  • You write messages,
  • See your publications on your newspaper,
  • Your username,
  • You invite to events or groups,
  • Add you to their friends list.

Yes ” block an account » you seem too radical, Facebook suggests actions to limit your links with the user in question. Before confirming an account blocking on the web version (desktop), you will find at the bottom of the pop-up a link ” distance yourself“. By clicking on this link, you can then:

  • Limiter where you see the user: his posts and those in which he is tagged will not appear in your News Feed.
  • Hide your posts from the user: you can put it in the list of restricted people who cannot see the posts you share with your friends (unless you tag them).
  • Change who can see past posts: you can change who can access your old posts and those of the user in question.

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