how to activate video game mode to play quietly on your iPhone?

With iOS 15, Apple introduced Focus Mode to help you stay focused on your current activity (rest, work, sports, etc.). But did you know that this mode also exists for your video game games? In comment, explain the configurator.

The Star Wars Hunters mobile game on iPhone 13 // Source: Apple — LucasFilm Games — Zynga

Playing in peace is as much possible as working undisturbed. Apple touted its Concentration mode when it launched iOS 15 and macOS Monterey in particular. This is a mode to activate to stay focused on your task, not to be imported by notifications, calls or messages at defined times of the day. And that goes for video games too.

Because, for Apple, video games are considered an activity in their own right, just like driving, reading, sports or work. You have the right to play in peace. Video Game mode is therefore set like any Concentration mode.

Apple: how to activate Video Game mode to play quietly on your iPhone?
Apple’s Concentration mode to refocus on your work // Source: Apple

You can warn that you are playing

If you rummage around in the Concentration world, you discover that the apple brand has provided a mode that can be activated when you play. To access it, you can go through the Settings > Focus and so go configure it.

You can also get there from the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the screen on the right and easing on the Focus tab. You can then create it and add it from the “+” sign at the bottom. It’s up to you to configure it according to your needs.

You activate it, then you select the people whose notifications will pass through the mesh for calls or messages (by default, this can be your list of favorite contacts or a selection). You also choose which apps are allowed to show up in an emergency. It could be on the home screen, the blocked screen or both. Be aware that as soon as you launch what Apple identifies as a game (mobile game, Apple Arcade, etc.), the mode automatically applies.

Controller connected, mode activated

You can also automate it, but by default, the iPhone, iPad or Mac triggers Video Game mode as soon as a Bluetooth-connected controller is detected, if smart activation is activated. You can also set times, duration or locations for your device to switch to this mode without having to touch anything.

Apple: how to activate Video Game mode to play quietly on your iPhone?
iPhone and Xbox controller // Source: FRANDROID — Melinda DAVAN-SOULAS

It is possible to inform people who try to contact you that you are playing by activating a message. While waiting for you to finish your game, the notifications will accumulate in the dedicated center and you will be able to see them all appear by deactivating the mode. You can choose to apply this Video Game Focus mode and its settings to all devices linked to your iCloud account. It will then start on MacBook, iPad or iPhone indifferently.

If this is a first for Apple, it is not new on smartphones to optimize material and human resources on a mobile game. Asus has notably equipped its ROG Phone range with a mode similar to a concentration mode for video games. All notifications are thus removed from the display so as not to disturb the player who will become aware of them later.

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