How it works ? (+ Concrete Examples)

Do you want to create an Instagram post in collaboration with another account and thus publish it to two different audiences? Here’s how to create a post with Instagram’s collab mode.

What is an Instagram collab?

Instagram Collabsor Instagram collaborations, is a publishing mode that allows you to cross-post on two separate accounts the same publication (photo, video, reel…).

Example of Instagram collaboration on a reel: both accounts are highlighted as authors

With the collab mode, the publication is posted and visible on the two profiles participating in the collaboration. The audiences of both accounts can thus consult and interact on a single publication from their respective newsfeed.

Preventing each account from creating duplicate posts, the Instagram collab mode allows maximize the organic reach of posts by multiplying the target audience and thus increasing the chances of generating organic engagements.

The more engagements (likes, comments, shares, …) there will be, the greater the organic reach of the post will be and the overall performance of the publication will be important. The collaboration mode is therefore a very good way for two affinity accounts with complementary communities to mutually benefit from a publication.

How to enable collab mode on Instagram?

find instagram collaborator
Instagram collaborator search interface

To pay enable instagram collab modejust create a post and then identify a public account you want to use with.

Collab mode is indeed enabled by default on all public accounts, only private accounts do not have the option. There is no limit on the number of followers to be able to collaborate on Instagram.

How to collaborate on Instagram?

To can make a publication with the collaboration mode of Instagramfirst of all, the two accounts that wish to cross-post a post must be public. Private accounts cannot join a collaboration.

Then, just follow these steps to create a collab post:

  • Create a post as usual by clicking on the dedicated icon (this works for classic posts and reels);
  • Select the media to share (photo, video, reel);
  • Apply filters or modify the settings of the photo to share then click on “Next”;
  • The collaboration mode is activated from the step of writing the caption of the Instagram post;
invite instagram collaborator
Invite a collaborator on Instagram (in the people identification section)
  • To invite an account to cooperate, click on “ Person identifier ” then ” Invite a collaborator » ;
  • You must then search for the account to invite via the search engine, select it, then click on “done” to validate the selection;
  • Once the caption has been added, the hashtags have been added and all the post settings are OK, the launch of the collaboration invitation will be done when the “share” button is clicked.

As long as the account invited to register has not validated the invitation, the publication will be clearly visible to its subscribers but as a classic publication.

Once the invitation has been approved, the post format will evaluate to display the names of both accounts as authors (be careful though, only the usernames of each Instagram account are displayed and not the public name of the accounts ).

How to accept a collaboration on Instagram?

instagram collaboration invitation reviewer
Review and validate an invitation to collaborate on Instagram

When a instagram collaboration request you’re done, you will receive both a notification in the list of notifications in your account but you will also receive a collaboration message via DM with the mention “… invite you to collaborate on its publication“.

validation invitation collaboration instagram
Popin to accept an Instagram collaboration

To pay accept an instagram collabyou will therefore have to click on the notification or publication sent via the DM and then click on the blue button “ Examiner“. After clicking, you just have to click on ” Acceptor to have the post shared on your profile and with your followers.

Of course, you can also refuse the collaboration invitation and ask the original account to modify its publication if necessary. In this case, the publication will have to be deleted on its side because otherwise it will appear to its subscribers as a classic post.

How do I cancel an Instagram collab?

In some cases, it may happen that the collaboration goes wrong or that you no longer want to be associated with another account on a publication.

To cancel a collaboration, just follow these few steps:

  • Go to the shared publication with the collaboration mode;
  • Click on the three dots at the top right of the publication;
  • Click on the “Stop sharing” icon;
  • Confirm the choice by clicking on the “Stop sharing” button on the popin that appears on the screen;
  • After the second click, the other account will appear as the sole author of the post originally shared in collab mode.

5 Use Case Examples of Instagram’s Collaboration Feature

Using Instagram’s collab feature can be useful in the context of partnerships between brands or influencers, but not only, here are 5 concrete use cases that could give you ideas for Instagram posts with the collaboration mode.

1- Collaborate with an influencer with a large audience in your niche

As we saw above, the interest of collaborating is certainly for both accounts, but if you associate yourself with an influencer who has a strong audience in your niche, the collab will have all the more interest in you. Of course, if it is a partnership within the framework of a sponsored partnership, it will be advisable to undergo it in the description of the post at least.

2- Make an Instagram collaboration with another brand account as part of a co-marketing partnership

Co-marketing is in vogue. This practice, which consists of non-competing brands operating in a similar market carrying out joint marketing actions, can be particularly adapted to collab mode. Whether it is to produce publications around a common project or product or as part of an event, associating with another brand with a complementary or similar audience will be a very good way to benefit from ‘ an Instagram collaboration mode.

3- Make a collaboration between the Instagram account of its brand and that of its founder

Internet users and consumers are increasingly friends of transparency. Carrying out collaborations between the brand’s account and that of the founder or founder helps to humanize the brand and make it more accessible. The same thing can of course be done with employees open to this mode of operation.

4- Create a collaboration for the announcement of an event

Whether it’s an online webinar-type event or a face-to-face conference, making collab posts with the organizers or with other brands present at the event will amplify the scope of your participation. at the event.

5- Make a “testimonial” type collaboration with an account that has tested your products (or services)

Using content generated by its users through collab posts is a great way to thank its customers for sharing their experiences with its products while sharing authentic content with its audience. Highlighting the customer to your audience is flattering and can also encourage other future customers to do the same thing in the hope of being highlighted in the same way.

How to have collaborations with brands or other accounts?

If you are an influencer (nano, micro, macro), most often, you will be able to set up collaborations with brands within the framework of sponsored partnerships for which you will be renowned. To find the brands with which it would be possible to set up a collaboration, the most effective will be to carry out searches for accounts by hashtags then to contact via DM the different brands that seem appropriate to you and for your audience is particularly suitable.

To have collaborations with other accounts, you can follow the same principle while reacting in addition to certain publications of the accounts with which you would have made collabs in order to gradually create a link with them to increase your chances that they will then accept. your proposal.

How to maximize the chances of success of an Instagram collaboration?

While it’s possible to offer any public account a collaboration without first contacting, a few tips can help increase the chances of a successful collaboration. Here are a few :

  • Selection of accounts with a number of followers similar to yours : the less there is an imbalance between the accounts, the greater the chances that the collaboration will succeed when it is not a paying partnership.
  • Subscribe to the targeted account and interact with it regularly through likes / comments at least several (ideally several weeks) before your collaboration proposal : you will be more likely to see your collaboration proposal validated if the account you are targeting has already interacted with your account in the past.
  • Target accounts with complementary audiences : the more the accounts will be complementary in terms of audience, the more the collab will have mutual interest. Audiences that are too similar or overlap too much will make posts perform poorly because followers of both accounts will only see the post once.

Instagram collaboration impossible: what’s going on?

In some cases, collaborations are impossible. Here are the different reasons that can make an Instagram collaboration impossible:

  • The account you want to invite to collaborate does not accept identifications : in this case, you must ask him to modify his publication settings in his privacy settings to reactivate the option.
  • The account does not go up in the search engine because it blocked you : in this case, you won’t be able to do anything about it and the collaboration will of course be impossible.
  • The account to identify with the collab mode is not public : this is the most frequent case which makes a collaboration impossible. Only public accounts are concerned by this functionality, it will therefore be necessary to invite the account in question to switch to public mode in order to be able to perform the collab.

We hope that this article showing you how Instagram’s collab mode works has been useful to you. If you have any questions about its use, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments of the article, we will answer them with pleasure.

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