“How does the PTB justify the use of 2 million euros of public money in Facebook advertising?” : Raoul Hedebouw responds to Paul Magnette

The President of the PTB Raoul Hedebouw was the guest of the show It’s not every day on Sunday. During this interview, the federal deputy was notably questioned by Paul Magnette about the election expenses of the Labor Party, in particular on social networks.

“We know that the PTB has spent more than 2 million euros on advertising on Facebook. It’s a public agent since these are public grants from political parties, paid with workers’ taxes. It’s very effective , because when you go on Facebook, it is impossible to escape the videos sponsored by the PTB. But how, when you are a Communist Party, can you explain and justify the use of 2 million euros of public money for funder of advertising on Facebook, which is in addition an American multinational which does not pay taxes. Isn’t it, a bit contradictory for a Communist Party”, asks the president of the PS.

Raoul Hedebouw’s response: “The first chose who’s crazy is that Paul Magnette himself does ads on Facebook”he pointed out. “Secondly, the bulk of our spending is done in Flanders, because there is terrible electoral competition with the far right on social networks. We spend a lot in the traditional media. The opposition spent 3% of the time d “Antenna in Flanders. There is therefore a fight to be waged on social networks. If it is a problem of electoral expenses, the PTB has proposed to reduce the allocations of political parties by two. The political parties have received far too much money. But it is the other parties, including that of Paul Magnette, who are blocking. I believe that, like the French and American left, which invests in Facebook, that’s where you have to be. This is where the citizens are. “

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