his heartbreaking message on Instagram to his daughters who “help him on a daily basis”!

This Sunday, May 8, Americans celebrated Mother’s Day. The opportunity for Jade and Joy, the daughters of Laeticia Hallyday, to surprise their mother.

Moreover, extremely fulfilled on this very special day and the rest of the year as well, by her two dolls, the main interested party wanted to ask for them and pay tribute to them.

“It was a wonderful Mother’s Day today. I wish all the moms a beautiful day! I am blessed, Jade and Joy my loves my everything you are my pride, my happiness my light. You help me so much on a daily basis, you are exceptional, you have been my best allies, and also somewhere, my guides in this difficult grief for us. You are dazzling with wisdom and peace, you are extraordinary like your father and you are nothing but love and benevolence. I am proud to see you grow with so much strength and resilience. This is my daily reminder that LOVE is ALL that matters…Love is all we need”she indeed noted on her Instagram account.

On March 21, exhausted, she was even admitted urgently to the American hospital in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Cause of his fatigue? Hypokalemia, i.e. a decrease in the amount of potassium in the blood, which may be due in particular to vomiting or taking diuretics. What weaken Laeticia who, once out, hoped to perk up calm. But that was without counting on the financial worries that have tended to eat her up since Johnny’s disappearance four and a half years ago.

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