Here is the Band 7 and the Watch GT 3 Pro, two new wearables from Huawei

Along with its foldable smartphone, Huawei has released its latest series of smart watchesincluding the Band 7 and the GT3 Pro. Both devices are exclusive to China for now. However, one or both should arrive in other territories in the coming weeks and months.

The Huawei Band 7 is a smart watch discreet, ideal for people who want something small and light. The watch weighs just 16g and is 9.99mm thick. The screen is a 1.47 inch AMOLED panel with very narrow edges. Although thinner than many competitors’ wristbands, the Band 7 provides enough power for two weeks of average use.

Huawei’s new model includes a host of features one would expect from a smart watch features including blood oxygen detection, sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, NFC payment functionality, thousands of watch faces to choose from, and 96 different sport modes to suit commonly all exercises. Huawei claims the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The Band 7 also includes improved smartphone integration, including music control, remote camera control, quick response to messages, and the ability to answer phone calls.

The Band 7 is available in four colors: black, green, pink and red, and its recommended retail price is 270 CNY (~ 40 euros).

A refined aesthetic

The Watch GT 3 Pro is the next evolution of the Watch GT 3, offering a refined aesthetic. The 43mm model has a titanium frame, with a sapphire crystal display for maximum durability, while the 43mm model has a ceramic frame. Unlike the Band 7, which looks more like an activity tracker, the GT 3 Pro looks like a traditional watch masquerading as a smart watch.

Beneath this classic guise, however, Huawei has granted a number of improvements, not the least of which is battery technology. Battery now charges 30% faster and can reach 25% charge in just 10 minutes. Additionally, the larger model should last two full weeks on a charge or eight days of heavy use for most users. The smaller model should deliver a full week of average use, or four days of heavy use.

Another major improvement is its waterproofness, with the new model being suitable for free diving up to 30 meters. The watch also includes 100 different sport modes, including information on over 300 golf courses and all the tools a player needs to improve their game.

The recommended retail price of the Watch GT 3 Pro is 2,500 CNY (~360 euros).

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