He finds his stolen tools on Facebook Marketplace and sets up “a trap” for fences

It is thanks to the victim of a theft committed at his home on October 23, 2019, that the two defendants found themselves in court. Three days after the theft, this same victim was surprised to discover that his stolen tools were for sale on Facebook Marketplace. So she set up a trap. “The victim agreed to a meeting in a parking lot with the. The police were notified and intervened at the meeting place for the sale. The two defendants were summed up in the car, ”specified the substitute Pied.

The stolen tools were found in the trunk of the duo’s car. A home visit to the home of the defendants conducted subsequently had made it possible to get their hands on about fifty construction objects, some of which with the name of the company taken over. Some of these objects had just been stolen a few days before.

Prosecuted for receiving these stolen objects, Liviu and Claudiu did not dispute having bought them at a flea market. As pleaded by the defense, the two men obtained a measure of favor: an absorption with a previous judgment of one year in prison for Liviu and a suspension of the judgment of 3 years for his sidekick.

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