He crosses a building with his lost Tesla and incriminates the car

As often in this kind of case, the driver immediately blamed the car. And as often, certain clues make it possible to rule out a priori a failure of the car.

This terrifying video comes to us from Columbus, a city in Ohio in the United States. Filmed by video surveillance cameras, it shows a Tesla Model 3 in distress which hits a large building at high speed. She explodes the building’s entrance and ends up in the hallway of the building after breaking everything in her path.

Miraculously, there were no injuries aboard the building even though it was hosting several conferences and other events at that time with many people. Despite the very large damage to the Tesla, the driver was perfectly protected by the security systems of his electric sedan.

The driver’s fault?

The driver immediately explained to the police that the brakes had “suddenly failed”. But according to witnesses, he would have especially accelerated generously approaching a light which was going to turn red (which other surveillance videos also showed) before losing control of his car. Remember that in the United States, there are already a small number of accidents in Tesla, some of which with an Autopilot engaged and incorrect use of the system.

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