Halo Infinite welcomes Clippy, Microsoft Office’s cult assistant

Do you remember Clippy, the cult Microsoft Office assistant? For the past few months, this symbol of Windows has made remarkable inroads into Windows 11 or even into Microsoft Teams. This time around, the paper clip makes its way into video gaming with an appearance in Halo Infinite Season 2.

Credits: James Shield via Twitter

If you’ve been a Windows user for many years, you know Clippy. Microsoft Office’s virtual assistant was introduced on Office 97 and remained in use until 2003. It helped users shape their Word, Excel and more. in particular by providing layout advice and various tips.

In recent months, Microsoft has decided to pay tribute to Clippy by giving him the opportunity to make a few cameos. This is particularly the case in Office 365, where it replaces the Paper Clip emoji. This symbol of Windows is also making a discreet return to Microsoft Teams, in the form of numerous stickers for use in the video conferencing application.

clippy halo infinity
Credits: James Shield via Twitter

Clippy, the cult Office assistant, comes to Halo Infinite

However, as we learn from our colleagues on the Windows Central site, Clippy makes an unexpected entrance into the world of video games, and more precisely in that of Halo Infinite, the last episode of the cult saga developed by 343 Industries. If you play the title, you might know that season 2 has just landed, including a new seasonal pass and many cosmetic rewards such as emblems, armor pieces or weapon skins.

And justly, Clippy will be available as an emblem (a sticker to put on your weapon) and as a charm, those little trinkets that you can attach to the side of your favorite gun. It’s impossible to know at this time when these two accessories will be available, since the emblem and the Clippy charm are marked “Coming in Season 2”.

As a reminder, the Halo Infinite community has been offering a mod for playing in 3rd person since the beginning of April. Everything works perfectly, both graphically and in terms of gameplay. To believe that the game could very well have been a TPS (Third Person Shooter) rather than an FPS.

Source: Windows Central

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