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It rarely happens that we need to contact Facebook. The platform is designed so that you can solve your problems directly by clicking on redirect links or by reporting from contact forms. But there are cases where it may be necessary. For example, if you have been hacked and cannot recover your account despite reports or cannot reset your password, or need to use Facebook for commercial purposes, for example. We explain to you how to contact the site’s customer service to resolve this type of problem.

How to report a problem on Facebook?

Facebook has set up a number of forms and help cards to allow users to report any kind of problem. Which implies that it is very rare (if not impossible) to have a direct interaction with a customer service person. To report identity theft, a forgotten password, a page that violates the terms of service, etc., the platform provides access to thousands of help pages and has thought of almost all the questions you you might ask yourself. These are available on the help page and range from simple “How do I log out of Facebook?” a “Are donations made on Facebook tax deductible?“. You will find a multitude of questions, at least one of which is similar to yours and if you click on it, you will be redirected to a page which will explain in detail the steps to follow to solve your problem yourself.

How do I write to Facebook to report a problem?

If you absolutely need to get in touch with Facebook, you will have to go through the contact and help forms available to you. There is a telephone number assigned to the social network on the Web (01 74 18 02 68) which claims to be that of the sales department. Only Facebook itself does not reveal a phone number or email address on which to contact them. There are several, but they are generally reserved for press contacts. It is therefore better to be wary of it. The best and most effective way to hope to get an answer is still to go through their Facebook France page and send them a message on it. You can also go through their French Twitter account. Two networks on which the people in charge of managing accounts are more responsive and therefore more likely to respond to your requests.

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