Google Translate now syncs history across all devices

Google Translate is currently one of the most popular translation services in its industry, and its mobile apps are obviously downloaded by the millions on iPhone and Android. But most often, people use Google Translate on more than one device, and then it’s quite difficult to have the translation history with them.

Imagine translating words or phrases on your PC and then wanting to use the same translations on the go on your mobile devices.

The Mountain View-based search giant knows this has long been a significant shortcoming for Google Translate users. That’s why, starting this month, the company is offering a price in charge of synchronization for the entire Google Translate history. In other words, Google Translate history can move across devices, provided youuse a Google account.

Interestingly, the only way to prevent syncing between devices is to sign out, in which case you’ll only see history on the device.

You can save your Google Translate history to find the meaning of the words or phrases you transmit. Your saved translations are synced across all your devices. The Translation app syncs your history between your device and the cloud. When you are logged in, your translations are automatically saved in the cloud. You can manage your saved history in My Activity. Important: If you don’t want to use cloud history in the app, you need to sign out of your account. Once logged out, you will only be able to view the device history‚Äúsays Google.

The new feature is available on PC, Android, iPhone and iPadbut remember that you must be signed in with the same Google account on all devices where you want synced history to be available.

And of course, you must have the latest version of the mobile app on your device.

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