Google secures messages on Android like iMessage or WhatsApp

Google announces the future addition of a new feature for Android messages: end-to-end encryption for RCS group chats.

For several years now, Google has replaced the SMS protocol of the Android Messages application with RCS (for Enhanced Communication Services). This allows us to add many interactions inspired by messaging applications to our short messages, such as indicating that the correspondent is writing or sending high definition images, for example.

Over the years, the protocol is enriched and offers new features. For this, Google is working hand in hand with various smartphone manufacturers and operators and it is on the occasion of Google I / O 2022 that the Mountain View company announces the next improvement to come.

End-to-end encryption for everyone

Regularly, Google looks at Apple by inviting it to make iMessage compatible with the RCS for better interoperability between users. The Apple brand nevertheless always defends itself by arguing that the RCS is not secure enough.

Currently, the RCS offers end-to-end encryption for conversations between two people, but not for group conversations. Google claims to keep end-to-end encryption coming ” later in the year “for group conversations” in open beta “.

Google secures messages on Android like iMessage or WhatsApp
Group conversations soon encrypted in RCS // Source: Google

Obviously, to benefit from it, everyone must have access to the RCS. This means that it is necessary to have a compatible application (Google Messages for example), as well as the appropriate operator.

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