Google Nest cameras are finally compatible with Alexa thanks to Matter

Tensions seem to be easing between the two tech giants that are Amazon and Google. Competing in the smart speaker market for years, it was simply impossible to have the camera feeds Google Nest on an Amazon Echo smart speaker. The e-commerce giant previously preferring the use of cameras Flash we Ring which are none other than brands belonging to Amazon…

However, things have just changed since a new Alexa Skill proposed by Google has just appeared on the application finally allowing Amazon devices (Echo Show and Fire TV we Fire Tablet) to finally be able to view the images of Nest cameras from Google. Users can also engage in a two-way audio conversation with visitors in front of the cameras, as described in a Google Nest Community blog post on Tuesday.

A major step forward, which we owe to… Matter!

This 180° turn follows a decision taken by Amazon last month, which was to finally unlock the feature set of the smart home to Nest and other devices. A major breakthrough that is finally possible thanks to Question. Indeed, the two giants are members of the CSA, the alliance of many companies has decided to make the connected home simpler and more open. Although this new unified protocol is disabled for next fall now, it is clear that it is moving forward and what a strong symbol from Google and Amazon to start to set an example and the way forward for other members.

At the moment only the latest generations of Nest cameras are supported by Alexa, but it’s a good start. Especially since the older generations will also benefit from support in the coming weeks.

A first step towards the unified home promised by Matter

Now that Google and Amazon showed the example who will be the next member to open up? We necessarily think of a certain Apple, well known for its culture of secrecy and its very closed ecosystem. However, as a member of the project Question, Apple will also have to pinch itself when opening up to other systems. So when will it be possible to use Live reading on an Echo speaker, or from an Android system? Nothing is less sure ! Yet, who would have thought that Amazon from equipment to Google cameras would one day work with its products? So anything is still possible. Let’s see !

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