Google I/O 2022: the new Buds Pro headphones are coming this summer

Screenshot of the Google I/O conference. ©Google

After the discontinuation of the Google Pixel Buds, Google only had entry-level headphones, the Pixel Buds A-series. We expected the arrival of Buds Pro, Google did.

Here is what we know about these new headphones:

  • The arrival of ANC (active noise reduction), a first on a product made in Google
  • A new 6-core audio processor to take advantage of specially developed algorithms
  • The use of a neural processing engine for better real-time noise cancellation
  • Arrival of “silent seal” technology to prevent any noise infiltration

These elements retained, according to Google, a quality sound, a clear conversion, while eliminating a maximum of external noise, including the wind. The headphones will also receive a multi-device connection.

The Cupertino company is also planning an update later this year to bring spatial audio support to the headphones. The advertised autonomy is 11 hours (7 with ANC) and the Find My Device application will allow you to find your headphones, even if only one of them is lost.

The Pro-released Google Pixel Buds will be on July 28 for $199 (Euro pricing to come). Pre-orders will be open a week before, namely July 11.

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