Google has just confirmed its acquisition of the startup Raxium

Google has just confirmed its acquisition of the startup Raxium. This is a young company specializing in the design of MicroLED (µLED). This acquisition will allow the Web giant to strengthen its ambitions in terms of augmented reality.

Information has already reported the acquisition of Raxium by Google in a report last March. However, the internet giant only recently confirmed this in a blog post. As mentioned earlier, the five-year-old startup makes LED micro-displays for use in VR and AR headsets.

According to The Information report, Google would have acquired it for a billion dollars. However, official details regarding the takeover still remain unclear at this time. Anyway, the Silicon Valley company announces that the young company is joining its Devices & Services team. This is responsible for the development of its various consumer devices.

What should we expect from the takeover of Raxium by Google?

The acquisition of Raxium will automatically allow Google to create lighter and significantly more affordable displays for its upcoming augmented reality devices. For those who still don’t know, the conventional Super AMOLED screens with which smartphones are equipped measure approximately 50µm per pixel.

However, according to Raxium, it has shrunk its micro-screens in order to obtain compatible MicroLEDs 3.5µm per pixel. With such a feat, the startup claims that its technology offers “five times greater” efficiency than the previously published world record.

Either way, the web giant is undoubtedly gearing up to release outstanding mixed reality headsets in the future. These could perhaps competitor products from companies like Meta, Apple, Snap and Microsoft.

Indeed, it should not be forgotten that before the acquisition of Raxium, Google acquired North in 2020. This is a Canadian company specializing in the creation of smart glasses discrete. Earlier this year, the Silicon Valley firm also recruited the head of HoloLens OpticsBernard Kress.

According to some reports, Google Labs is currently working on an AR headset codenamed “ Project Iris “. The new device is expected to release in 2024. With products of such resources, we can expect out of the ordinary from Google in the years to come.

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